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At Dental Unit, we offer a wide range of oral rehabilitation treatments to help our patients recover their smile and their ability to chew properly. One of our treatments is inlay, a partial ceramic or ceromer prosthesis that replaces the missing tooth fragment. This option is ideal for partially damaged or fractured teeth with a very satisfactory esthetic result.

Another option is the crown, a ceramic device (zirconium or disilicate) that looks like a tooth. At Dental Unit, we offer only high esthetic and high strength ceramic crowns to ensure durability and a natural looking smile.

Veneers are another option to enhance the appearance of the smile. It is a highly natural-looking ceramic veneer that covers the front face of an affected tooth in color and shape. It is ideal for patients who want to improve the appearance of their smile and have teeth with stains, fractures, or irregular shapes.
At Dental Unit, we also offer removable prosthesis, a removable device that replaces missing teeth. Being made of acrylic or metal base, they replace several missing pieces with a medium level of satisfaction, and is an option in patients where it is not possible to perform fixed prosthesis on implants, which is the ideal.

The total prosthesis is an option for those patients who have lost all their teeth. These are acrylic prostheses of the entire dentition that can be useful in patients with some systemic or local compromise that does not allow a fixed prosthesis on implants.
Finally, we offer the hybrid prosthesis, a prosthesis of fixed character of the whole dentition supported by implants of excellent satisfaction for the patient. It is the prosthesis with the best acceptance because it is fixed, which allows the patient to eat properly and lead a normal life.

It is important to keep in mind that each case is unique and requires a personalized approach. At Dental Unit, we make sure to perform a complete evaluation of the patient’s oral health before recommending oral rehabilitation treatment. Our team of oral rehabilitation specialists will make sure to guide our patients through the entire treatment process, from diagnosis to treatment completion.

In short, oral rehabilitation is an important discipline of dentistry that can help our patients regain their smile and their ability to chew properly. We offer a wide range of treatment options, from inlays and crowns to removable dentures.

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